Scholar activist, Dr. James Small on why Continental Africans are more inclined to open their own bushiness & score better on tests than African Americans. Dr. Small says this will be an analysis and is not meant to be divisive. The Big Show lifts off from 1450 WOL at. 6 am EST., 5 am CST., […]

Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Lifestyle Consultant Dr. Stephen Tates, one of the most requested Naturopathic Doctors joins us to discuss how to fight diabetes, high blood pressure prostrate & breast cancer & more. Before we get to Dr. Stephen Tates, Huffington Post Blogger Brandon will review the Democratic Presidential Debate & more politics. The Big […]

  Egyptologist Tony Browder will be opening one of his famous Browder Files. Tony will focus on “sheroes” like Amelia Boynton , the civil rights icon who recently made her transition. Before Tony opens his files we’ll have another Open Phone Friday! The Big Show starts on 1450 WOL Washington D.C at 6 am EST., […]