Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jerome E. Fox claims there are five core white values that some Blacks cling to that give tacit acceptance to white domination. Dr. Fox outlines them in his best selling book ‘Addicted to White, The Oppressed in League with the Oppressor, A Shame-Based Alliance’. Dr. Fox will discuss what happens when faced […]

Geo-Political Analyst, Craig B. Hulet will score the Muller testimony, update us on the situations in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China & more. Craig will also discuss the staggering amount of Military suicides. Before we get to Craig, Pan-African Activist-Scholar & Speaker, Dr. James Small on what you need to know if you’re considering moving […]

  Pan Africanist, Educator, Dr. Leonard Jeffries checks in to discuss Trump’s attack on the four congresswomen, Reparations, Dr. Clarke & more. Before we get to Dr. J. Harvard trained scientist, Dr. Leonard Horowitz on how the Ebola outbreak is genocide threatening Global Depopulation. Dr. Horowitz will link the move to the ‘Deep State’. The […]

#PowerTalker, Psychologist & Researcher, Dr. Denise Wright joins us to discuss how we should react to Trumps’ racist rants and how do they impact us? Dr. Wright will also talk about The Osiris Papers a book about Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. Before we sit down with Dr. Wright, NY Assemblyman, Charles Barron, on Eric Garner, […]

Mind, Body, & Spirit Medicine Man, Doctor of Metaphysics, Master Herbalist, Doctah B checks in. Doctah B Sirius will be discussing how the Summer Soltice can be used to help you attract new opportunities and higher physical, mental, emotional, relationships and financial goals. Doctah B Sirius will also talk about the difference between being conscious and being Conscientious, […]

Dr.Sebi’s son, Abdul checks in to give us an update on Nick Cannons’ documentary on his Dad. Before we get to Abdul, Activist Attorney, Nana Gyamfi discussing her role as the new Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. Getting us started though, former Political Prisoner, Rev. Edward Pinkney.