Mystery Man, Mark from Anaheim will discuss Trump willing to get dirt by going to our enamines, the attack on an oil tanker near Iran, the history between Barr & McConnell, the homeless & communicable diseases, why The Trump administration refuses to recognize white supremacists & more. Before we speak with Mark, we’ll look at […]

#Powertalker & Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jerome E. Fox discusses his best selling book,” Addicted to White The Oppressed in League with the Oppressor.” A Shame-Based Alliance. Dr. Fox contends that some people have an addiction to five core white values which inherently promote tacit acceptance of white domination. Before we meet Dr. Fox, the founder […]

  Activist, Chairman Fred Hampton discusses the flare-up of violence in the inner cities, the missing Black Girls & young Black Women, & organ harvesting, the Chairman will explain if there’s a connection between these issues. Before we get to the Chairman, #powerTalker, Stephanie Myers from Black Women for Positive Change on how to change […]

Political Scientist, Historian, Educator, and Pan-Africanist, Dr. Leonard Jeffries discusses The Central Park Five through the movie “When they see us.” Dr. Jay will also talk about the rape story allegedly involving Dr. MLK Jr. & more. Before we get to Dr. Jay, The head of The Black Farmers and Agriculturist Association, Thomas Burrell on […]

#powertalker & Psychiatrist, Dr. Patrcia Newton digs deep into Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder, the legacy of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, the sexual issues that still reverberate in sections of our community & the stigma attached in seeking help for emotional issues. Before we sit down with Dr. Newton, sister Eurica on the annual ADACI International Maafa […]

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s mentor, Neely Fuller Jr. will be using Ava DuVernay’s movie: When They See Us to explain Racism White Supremacy. He always says if you don’t understand how that system works and all that it entails then everything else you think you understand will only serve to confuse you. Before we get […]