Anthropologist, Historian, Researcher, and Scholar, Runoko Rashidi on how our ancestors traveled west before Columbus, the African Presence In Early Asia, Dr. Ben, Dr, Clarke, Dr. Van Sertima, Diop & the relevancy of these giants today. Dr. Runoko will also talk about his upcoming trips. Before we get to Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Monica Williams from the One […]

Black Politics Expert, Dr. James Taylor, discusses “The Re-assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ” Which is to address David Garrow’s book on King, and placing it the context of other research and FBI activities, and, the way in which claims of rape by iconic Black men, is part of a larger agenda to undermine […]

Geo-Political Analyst Craig Hulet discusses Mullers’ decision to detail his findings that could lead to 45’s impeachment, the Bilderberg Meeting starting today, the secretive meetings’ guest list is drawn from the world’s leaders from military, financial institutions, academia, and politics. Craig will also talk about 45’s Monday meeting with The Queen, he’ll explain if all […]

Educator & Griot, Dr. Kabe Kamane (Booker T Coleman) discusses former Howard University professor, William Leo Hansberry and his contribution to the study of on African Civilizations and Cultures. Before we get to Dr. Kabe, the President of the Universal African People’s Organization, Zaki Baruti.

  Griot, Baba Lumumba from Umoja House in WDC discusses The Three Black Liberation Options, Assimilation, Internationalism or Black Power. Baba Lumumba will also outline facts about the Black Condition that the Majority of Black People refuse to face. Before we get to Baba Lumumba, Educator, Best-selling author, and Business school professor, Dr. Denis Kimbro on closing the […]

Researcher, The Irritated Genie discusses the recent victory over hemophilia in Kenya. Before we get to the Genie, Political Analyst, Tim Hutchinson on whether the Democrats should call for the impeachment of 45, are we witnessing the end of democracy in America, what is identity Politics, should Blacks get behind Biden he’ll answer these questions […]