#PowerTalker, The Man with the Plan, Dr. Claud Anderson explains why Dr. Rosie Milligan says Nipsy Hussle’s plan of building, buying and creating businesses in our communities is part of the Powernomics Principles. Before we hear from Dr.Anderson, Brother Sadiki Kambon from The Nubian Leadership Circle updates us on the group’s plans. The Big Show starts […]

The African People’s Socialist Party chairman, Omali Yeshitela preview’s this weekend’s African Liberation Day 2019 Parade & Festival in Washington DC themed: “Take Africa for Africans, Those at Home and Abroad!” Chairman Omali will outline the events for the two-day celebration. Before we sit down with Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Health Advocate, James Jazzy Jordan with some health tips. […]

Holistic Doctor, Stephen Tates examines some of the major health problems facing the Black Community, Dr, Tates will also explain how one’s attitude can have a profound effect on one’s health. Before we get to Dr. Tates, Zimbabwe Herald newspaper’s US-based correspondent, Brother Obie on a children’s play for African Liberation Day.

Activist & Harvard trained attorney, Faya Rose Toure’ discusses Alabama’s new abortion law, the death threats that she’s received, the move to make Alabama a Juneteenth National State Observance State, & more. Before we speak with Attorney Toure’, one of the original Black Panthers Muh Mohammed Mubarak on his journey from a Panther to Islam.

  Kemetologist, Anthony Tony Browder updates us on his excavation Project. Brother Tony is the first African American to lead and fund an archeological excavation project in Egypt. Anthony Tony Browder will also discuss next month’s Powertalk Conference in WDC. Before we sit down with Tony, journalist, A. Peter Bailey on this weekends Malcolm X Birthday Celebrations. Peter […]

  Leading Mind, Body and Spirit Medicine Man, Master Herbalist, Doctah B Sirius returns to discuss what he terms The real conspiracy “The Nocebo effect”, The Telomere Effect, Toxo-Plasma Mind Control Parasites, Quantum Healing and the one mineral that will change your life. Before we sit down with Doctah B, we’ll talk with Former Pro […]