Mark F. Gray Now that NBA Commissioner David Stern has taken the unprecedented step of suspending Gilbert Arenas and Javarris Crittenton for the rest of the season its time for this sordid disaster to come to an end. Since it appears obvious that the franchise is looking to take a wrecking ball to the roster […]

When the Baltimore Orioles signed Miguel Tejada again Tuesday it sent the wrong message to fans of the Orange and Black. Its one thing to bring home a heroic figure to finish his career. But to bring back a steroid abuser who couldn’t get the team out of the cellar in the American League east […]

By Mark F. Gray After Wizards guard Javarris Crittenton was sentenced for his misdemeanor gun possession charge, the organization was quick to distance itself from the third year player and have chosen not to pick up the option on his contract. The team issued a statement saying how they were disgusted with his behavior and […]

By Mark F. Gray Often maligned as a group of overpaid, selfish, gun carrying, narcissistic, “goofballs”, Black athletes have been painted on a societal canvas by the mainstream media militia as anything but conscious or caring. Even some Black leaders have chosen to pile on by focusing on a “culture of violence” amongst some who […]

ESPN host Mike Greenberg made a big mistake on his show yesterday. He referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as “Martin Luther Coon.” He says he made the mistake by slurring his words and mixing King with Junior and coming up with “coon” and issued an apology.

By Mark F. Gray Glad to see that as the new year brings in a new decade the same old stuff remains on the D.C. sports scene. For the last 10 years the leadership at the top of the two most storied franchises in the nation’s capital has reduced fan loyalty to abject embarrassment. You […]

Finally, Gilbert Arenas’ quirky practical joking side is no longer a laughing matter. The NBA slapped agent less than zero with an indefinite suspension to police a fugitive of authority who is on the verge of ruining an organization. The Washington Wizards face of the franchise has been a train wreck waiting to happen since […]

“Gilbert Arenas has another thing coming,” Ben Ross was saying outside Verizon Center on Thursday morning. “He’s not above the law,” Earl Bell said. “He thinks he is,” Ross said. “Gilbert thinks it’s a . . . joke.” “He needs to be prosecuted,” Bell said. “See if he laughs then.” “Yeah, and fire your damn […]

VIA NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: NBA commissioner David Stern has sidelined Wizards star Gilbert Arenas indefinitely for bringing guns into the Wizards locker room late last month. In announcing that he suspended Arenas Wednesday without pay, Stern said that Arenas faces a “substantial suspension and perhaps worse” when the NBA makes a definitive ruling on […]

VIA THE WASHINGTON POST: Prosecutors began presenting evidence to the grand jury in Arenas’s case Tuesday. Sources said it would be an ongoing process, meaning they would present evidence as they receive it. Original Post: Two law enforcement sources said Tuesday morning that prosecutors planned on presenting evidence to a Superior Court grand jury in […]