How do we leverage our financial clout ? Film maker Ric Mathis on his movie ‘ Black Friday’. The film takes an in depth look into the spending habits of African-Americans. Before we get to Ric, Kwame Kenyatta a former vice-president of the Detroit Board of Education on his views on “Black” Spending. The Big Show […]

  The head of The the Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO), Zaki Buruti on Fridays’ National Black Political Leadership Conference. Brother Buruti will also update us on the recent church fires in the St.Louis/Ferguson area. Before we get to Brother Buruti, Professor, Dr.Bruce Bridges on America’s Political Prisoners in general and Imam, Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin […]

It’s an Open Phone Friday, if you did not get a chance to call in this week check in with us. Also special guests, leading scholar Dr.Molefi Kete Asante on the latest Afrocentricity movement. Marlon Briscoe, the first starting black quarterback in the AFL weighs in on the NFL and Robert Griffin III. The Big […]

Leading Mind, Body and Spirit Medicine Man, Certified Doctor of Metaphysics, Master Herbalist- Natural Remedy Formulator, Wellness Educator, Doctah B Sirius will discuss estrogen dominance, causes of cancer, rapid aging, fibroids and more. Before we get to Doctah B Sirius, The Attorney-at- War, Alton Maddox on the 2016 Black Power Summit. The Big Show blasts […]

Black Women For Positive Change kick off their week of non-violence. The group is seeking solutions to end the violence in our communities. A cross section of community activists will be seeking your help and will also listen to your solutions on how to put a cap on crime in the community. “Peace = Prayer, […]

Psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing on how to survive ‘gentrification’. The author of the Isis Papers will discuss a recent Washington Post article. Before we get to Dr. Welsing, Tamir Rices’ attorney on the families next move after the exoneration of the police officer who shot the 12 yr old to death. Also, Ellen Dunbar […]

Former National Syndicated Talk Show Host Bob law is going to show us how to use our money as a political tool, he says we need a new economic grass roots movement. Before we get to Bob, Dr. Donal Evans, Founder of the National Afrikan American Family Reunion Association will introduce us to his proposal […]

Mystery Man “Mark from Anaheim” returns with updates on Putin, Syria, The Presidential Race, TPP & More. Before we get to Mark, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. on the 49th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter, the ongoing shootings in Chicago & more. The Big Show sounds off on 1450 […]

Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Lifestyle Consultant Dr. Stephen Tates, one of the most requested Naturopathic Doctors joins us to discuss how to fight diabetes, high blood pressure prostrate & breast cancer & more. Before we get to Dr. Stephen Tates, Huffington Post Blogger Brandon will review the Democratic Presidential Debate & more politics. The Big […]

The President of the Washington DC Teachers Union, Liz Davis joins us with solutions for Inner City School Districts in general & the WDC District in particular. Ms Davis will discuss the differences between Extended Learning vs. Extend Time. Before we get to Ms. Davis we will review Saturday’s rally through the eyes of the […]