#Powertalker & Kemetologist, Ashra Kwesi will explain the origin of Halloween. Brother Kwesi is known for his lectures on “The African Origin of Civilization”, ” The Afrikan origin of Christianity”,”The resurrection of the Black Christ” and more. Before we get to Brother Kwesi, Coach Butch Mcadams on The World Series, the NFL Players dispute, the […]

#Powertalker, Public Enemy’s Minister of Information, Professor Griff on The FBI’s plan to go after so-called Black Identity Extremist & more. Before we get to Professor Griff, Linguist, Dr. Ernie Smith on what happened to the Ebonics Debate?

Members of the Nubian Leadership Circle on Whitehouse Chief of staff, John Kelly’s attempt to revise history, Kelly who described Robert E Lee as ‘an honorable man’ and says ‘lack of compromise’ caused the Civil War’. NLC’s Brother Sadiki will explore whether the Civil War was fought because neither side would compromise on slavery, and […]

Members of the Million Women’s March on this the 20th anniversary of the original historic international gathering. Sister Phile will lay out the groups agenda and discuss the weeks’ activities. Before we get to Sister Phile, Gang Interventionist, Malik Spelman on his thoughts about Oprah’s visit to Pelican Bay and more.

  #Powertalker, Award-winning Rapper, Producer-Actor & Activist David Banner on to kneel or not to kneel, David will also update us on his latest production, The God Box. Before we get to David, The Black Women for Positive Change turn in their report card for the 2017 week of non-violence.

Baba Lumumba, from Umoja House in WDC, examines the importance of Black Nationalism after the Trump Administration announcement to go after Black Extremist Groups. Before we get to Baba Lumumba, former syndicated radio host Bob Law on his Night Talk Live event featuring Dr. Claud Anderson.

The Black Unifier, Brother Kush from Positive Kemetic Visions on how to get some youngsters to respect their elders & more.Before we get to Brother Kush, Reginald Brass from ‘My child says Daddy’ on his agency’s program to obtain visitation rights for parents.

Mystery Man, Mark from Anaheim checks in with reports on the Las Vegas shooting, The NFL Players protest, Trump, Putin, North Korea & more. Before we get to Mark, Cultural Anthropologist and Filmmaker, Dr. Sheila Walker on her documentary, “Familiar Faces/Unexpected Places: A Global African Diaspora” Dr. Walker is also part of a panel discussion […]

OJ Simpsons’ pal Dr. Henry Johnson clears up some of the rumors about the juice since his release from prison. Dr.Johnson will also discuss his dust-up with the TV networks who refuse to investigate evidence Dr. Johnson says would prove OJ’s innocence. Before we get to Dr. Johnson, Dr. Danny Haiphong on a report that […]

#Powertalker, World Traveler, Historian, Essayist, Author and Public Lecturer, Dr. Runoko Rashdi joins us from Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Runoko will report on his recent trips. Before we get to Dr. Rashidi, The Black Unifier, Brother Kush.