The Carl Nelson Show

Catch up with The Carl Nelson Show “the Most Dangerous Show on the Radio” by listening to these past episodes and be informed on demand! The Big Show is here for you to binge at your leisure!

Futuristic Researcher Sadiki Bakari will discuss Trauma and its connection to the Central Nervous System & the Neurological System plus more. Before Brother Sadiki, Mike Africa from the Move Organization on tomorrow's 37th anniversary of the bombing of the group's home in Philadelphia.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Foxx outlines how many Blacks are addicted to five core white values, which gives tacit acceptance to white domination. Before Dr. Foxx, The Final Calls Executive Editor Naba Richard Muhammad on today's birthday for Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The President/General of the Universal Afrikan Peoples Organization, Zaki Baruti will discuss the Spiritual and Political legacy of Malcolm X and his contribution to the Black Community. Before Brother Zaki, Khalid Raheem previews the National Black Radical Political Convention.

The Chair of the History and African American Studies Dpt. at the University of Houston, Dr. Gerald Horne will explain if the Democrats can use the abortion issue to their advantage plus more. Before Dr. Horne, Foster Youth Advocate Jackie Broxton on why so many of our children are winding up in Foster Care.

Kemtologist Tony Browder will update us on his excavation project in Egypt and the 40th Anniversary of his first speaking engagement in WDC. Before Brother Tony, Activist Jacklyn Morgan outlines the 12 steps to decolonizing our thinking.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsings' mentor Neely Fuller Jr. will explain if distractions are part, of the system of Racism/White Supremacy. Plus he'll explain how to identify the distractions and what to do about them.

Griot Baba Lumumba will explain how The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was created plus more! Before Baba Lumumba, author Julius B Anthony on why only 20% of Black third graders in St. Louis are reading above grade level.

Black Politics Expert Dr. James Taylor examines the Biden Administrations' problems with Black Voters plus more. Before Dr. Taylor, Financial expert JB Bryan on the financial moves you should be making with a Recession on the horizon.

Mystery Man Mark from Anaheim will do a deep dive into the 1992 LA Civil Unrest. He'll also talk about Russia/Ukraine war and his prediction of a WW3 on the way. Before Mark, Chicago activist Preacher Anthony Williams updates us on his quest for violence to be viewed as a public health crisis.

Activist Fred Hampton will explain how his dad's childhood home is now designated a historical landmark. Before Chairman Fred, a panel discussion on the Oshun River Goddess of the Yoruba people.