The Carl Nelson Show

Catch up with The Carl Nelson Show “the Most Dangerous Show on the Radio” by listening to these past episodes and be informed on demand! The Big Show is here for you to binge at your leisure!

Black Politics Expert Dr. James Taylor will discuss what he terms, The Misery Index In Elections, Race Massacre & what the polls are saying. Before Dr. Taylor, Financial Expert JB Bryan on some of the financial moves you can make in this inflation age.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology Jeff Menzies will examine how the controversial deaths of Blacks in this country affect the African American psyche. Before Dr. Jeff, NYC Councilman Charles Barron on radical Black Politics as outlined in his book, Speaking Truth to Power.

Pan African Griot & a scholar-activist, Professor James Small will discuss today's, World Africa Day. Before Dr. Small, Investigative Reporter Greg Palast reviews Tuesday's primary elections.

The founder of the  Black Lawyers for Justice, Malik Zulu Shabazz, will discuss why the alleged Buffalo shooter is charged with only one murder count after allegedly killing ten people. Before Attorney Shabazz, NYC Councilman Charles Barron will discuss the Buffalo shooting & African Liberation Day.

Morgan States University Research Professor Dr. Ray Winbush will examine a poll indicating Three-quarters of Black Americans are worried that they or someone they love will be attacked because of their race. Before Dr. Winbush, Publisher Paul Coates.

Metaphysician & Master Herbalist Doctah B Sirius will discuss, how to handle the stress of being Black and living in America plus more. Before Doctah B, author Dr. Gail Christopher reviews the new Federal anti-Lynching Law.

Griot, Scholar, and Educator Dr. Leonard Jeffries takes over the WOL classroom this afternoon. Dr. J will preview Thursday’s celebration of life for Malcolm X. Dr. J will discuss the other Black notables at the Historic Ferncliff Cemetary. Dr. J will also talk about white terrorism & his plans to donate his works to Morgan […]

Futuristic Researcher Sadiki Bakari will discuss Trauma and its connection to the Central Nervous System & the Neurological System plus more. Before Brother Sadiki, Mike Africa from the Move Organization on tomorrow's 37th anniversary of the bombing of the group's home in Philadelphia.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Foxx outlines how many Blacks are addicted to five core white values, which gives tacit acceptance to white domination. Before Dr. Foxx, The Final Calls Executive Editor Naba Richard Muhammad on today's birthday for Minister Louis Farrakhan.