In America, we idolize our favorite sports stars for their astounding athleticism, tireless work ethic and upstanding sportsmanship in the face of competition. In many communities, our favorite athletes become the role models we use to shape our own character. Still, every so often we get a glimpse into their more human sides — the buzzer […]

This week, we released the results of a Your Black World Survey in which the majority of Black respondents (56.9 percent) felt that President Obama should have spoken up on behalf of the late Troy Davis. Many throughout the world, including former FBI Director William Sessions and former President Jimmy Carter felt the execution was […]

By Kenneth Mallory Our Place DC has been a source of sustenance and support for thousands of current and formerly incarcerated women in the District. In the year 2010 alone, over 1,500 women were served through the non-profit organization’s programs, and since the organization began in 1999, more than 9,000. It is among several organizations […]

By Elesha Barnette Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton today alerted residents that the odds of a District of Columbia government shutdown have increased in the last 24 hours because of yet another federal spending fight having nothing to do with the District. Only five months after the District of Columbia government barely avoided a shutdown in […]

By Jeneba Ghatt A recent report revealed that the Washington, DC, metropolitan area has had one of the highest rent hikes in the nation. Bloomberg Business week assessed data from Axiometrics, a company  that measures performance in the rental apartment sector, and came up with a list of the top 25 American cities where rents […]

Laws are creating homelessness among a population of Americans that are still fighting for their right to be treated humanely. Children and youth are being drastically impacted by the forced deportation of their parents and siblings.

Brain development impacts effective learning. If students/children don’t receive proper nutrients there can be adverse affects.

Representative Maxine Waters has fired back at President Obama after his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus this weekend in which he told the audience to “stop complaining.” Waters, who recently told a group of Black voters to “unleash her on Obama,” was shocked by the president’s direct comments at the Black community. “He would […]

The Reverend Al Sharpton said President Obama was right in telling Black people to “stop complaining” at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Phoenix awards on Saturday. Sharpton, who spoke to the president shortly after the speech remarked, “He said this is what I’ve done, and it helps Blacks and helps the county and now let’s get to work,” […]

Philadelphia Eagles superstar QB Michael Vick is known for many things — his one-of-a-kind athletic ability, his stint in jail for dogfighting, and the great comeback story we are all currently witnesses to with the Super Bowl favorite Eagles. But many people know about Michael Vick the quarterback and the statistics that come along with it. […]