An NYPD police sergeant has sued the head officer of the World Trade Center command, claiming that he ordered him to give negative performance evaluations to two well-regarded Black sergeants, ordered cops to meet ticket quotas, and forced his subordinates to make unwarranted traffic stops. The suit, filed by Sgt. Christopher Groben, who is white, […]

Former New York governor David Patterson is hitting the airwaves with his own prime-time morning talk radio show covering politics and other issues on WOR. The legally blind first Black governor of New York, Patterson grew up with the radio because of his visual impairment. In addition to the radio gig, Patterson will also continue […]

Florida Congressman Alan West says he’s contemplating leaving the Congressional Black Caucus after fellow caucus member Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind) told attendees at a recent CBC town hall metting that the Tea Party would love to see Black people hanging from trees. See also: Black Congressman: “Tea Party Would Love To See Us Hanging From […]

Since taking office, President Barack Obama has faced a barrage of disrespect. From conservative pundits constant slip-of-the-tongue references to Obama as “Osama,” Glenn Beck claiming the president “hates white people” and even Donald Trump’s overhyped demands to see the president’s birth certificate, critics have levied some very brazen, almost radical assaults against Obama. And while […]

By Reniqua Allen In the 1975, Parliament released the album “Chocolate City” as a tribute to Washington D.C., the first city to have a majority Black population in the wake of race riots and unrest during the proceeding decades. For years after, the Chocolate City moniker was a symbol of pride and power as Detroit, […]

A new report released by the Brookings Institution shows minorities are the majority in eight major metropolitan areas. Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas; New York; San Diego; Montgomery County, Md.; and Prince William County, Va., are majority-minority communities. Non-Hispanic whites are a minority in 22 of the country’s 100-biggest urban areas. The shift in numbers shows […]

A new report released by the Institute for Policy Studies reveals that 25 CEOs of the richest firms in the U.S. earned more than their firms paid in taxes. A direct result of tax shelters and clever accounting, many of these firms managed to escape filling the federal coffers by having some of their funds […]

Reverend Al Sharpton criticized GOP leaders, including Speaker of the House John Boehner, on his MSNBC show for the postponement of President Obama’s jobs speech for Congress due to the GOP Presidential debate being held on the same day. Obama’s speech was originally scheduled for next Wednesday — but was postponed because Boehner would not […]

Dick Cheney’s book has caused more backlash from former Bush administration officials. After Colin Powell criticized Dick Cheney for “cheap shots” in his book, another former secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice has taken issue with his book as well. Rice called Dick Cheney’s assertion that Rice misled President Bush about negotiations between the White House […]

A controversial new book titled “Is Marriage For White People?” suggests that interracial marriage may be a solution for middle-class African-American women who can’t find a “suitable” Black husband. Ralph Richard Banks, a professor at Stanford University who is African-American, addresses the issue of declining marriage rates among African-Americans, and questions why Black women are […]