The #OccupyTogether movement has been popping up in cities across America but by far the largest of the franchise is #OccupyWallStreet where 700 people were arrested this past weekend. As more people descend on Wall Street, it’s apparent that many of them aren’t too sure what they really are there for. Loop 21 talked with […]

One of the greatest players in NBA history (wiki) is also an athlete who the public doesn’t know much about. Who are we talking about? Quite possibly the second best shooting-guard of all-time after Michael Jordan, the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Bryant, who is on a quest to win his sixth championship ring […]

A new survey of immigrant and women’s service providers claim that 3,000 women were forced into marriage in the past two years, including 300 in New York state. Often times these marriages involve underage girls who were forced into marriage by their parents. Saudi Girl, 8, Divorces Husband, 50 Man Trades Daughter for Cash and […]

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests continue to grab the attention of millions across the world as protestors have descended on Wall Street and refuse to leave. “It’s about democracy; it’s about everyone here has a chance to speak and be heard,” said Justin Brown of Brooklyn, who joined the protest a week ago. Many of […]

A new CBS News poll shows that a majority of Americans want more taxes on rich people. Sixty four percent of Americans want more taxes on people making more than a million dollars a year, while 30 percent want the taxes on the rich to stay the same. The poll shows support for President Obama’s […]

After GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain criticized fellow candidate Rick Perry over his property which had a sign saying “n-word head ranch,” conservatives have been criticizing Cain for “pulling the race card.” After the controversy ensued, Cain told ABC News, “I think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not […]

WASHINGTON— According to a new report, over five million voters could be denied the right to vote under new laws adopted in a dozen states. The study released Sunday night by the Brennan Center for Justice in New York said that new laws regarding photo identification requirements for voting, eliminating same day voter registration in several […]

by Dina Estelle Williams With its crispness, coolness, and colorfulness, October presents an exciting month. Its precious fiery gemstone, opal, is symbolic of faithfulness and confidence. Besides Columbus Day and “Mystery Night” (Halloween Eve), numerous national events and awareness issues exist during the tenth month. Please note: Despite extensive effort to locate the origin, the […]

With the rise in surveillance cameras and video sites like YouTube, bank robberies are caught on camera all the time. Sometimes, footage is released to the public making something most people used to see only in the movies, now the reality TV of the Internet. Check out our list of the “Top 5 Bank Robberies […]

Dr. Conrad Murray was talking on the phone and texting in the hours and minutes leading up to Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest, according to phone records presented Monday at the doctor’s manslaughter trial. Top 10 Conrad Murray Facts You Didn’t Know The records presented by prosecutors indicate that two cellphones registered to Murray were in […]