VIA MYFOXDC: UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – Police say NBA star Delonte West was arrested after officers pulled him over for speeding on a motorcycle while carrying two handguns and a shotgun in a guitar case. Prince George’s County police spokeswoman Sgt. Michelle Reedy says the Cleveland Cavaliers player was arrested about 10 p.m. Thursday. Reedy […]

              VIA USA TODAY: President Obama will appear on a record five TV networks on Sunday plus sit down with late-night host David Letterman on Monday. It’s the latest broadcast blitz for Obama, who has made himself accessible to news and entertainment outlets. USA TODAY’s Catalina Camia and David […]

Via: News One CHICAGO — Black patients who have heart attacks in a hospital are significantly less likely to survive than white patients, according to a study published Tuesday. Researchers examined the cases of 10,011 patients who went into cardiac arrest at 274 US hospitals associated with the National Registry of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, a program […]

VIA WJLA: First lady Michelle Obama says the current state of health care in the U.S. is unacceptable and women have an important role to play in changing that. The first lady and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius spoke to a group of women at the White House Friday. Mrs. Obama says women […]

VIA WASHINGTON POST: Shrinking paychecks for some of Maryland’s wealthiest residents, along with new data showing wages falling across the state, will mean smaller state income-tax payments headed to Annapolis next spring and a budget problem twice the size of what officials predicted just months ago. Maryland faces a budget hole of almost $2 billion […]

VIA WASHINGTON POST: The D.C. bookmobile will be parked, neighborhood libraries will close on Sundays and all city libraries will close on Monday holidays beginning Oct. 5 to help save $4.8 million, as the District tries to cope with its budget crunch. The library cutbacks are one of a number of service reductions that District […]


VIA MYFOXDC: WASHINGTON, D.C. – First Lady Michelle Obama bought some veggies and opened the Vermont Avenue Farmer’s Market. The First Lady told the crowd, “I’ve learned that when my family eats fresh food, healthy food, that it really affects how we feel whether we’re trying to get through math homework or whether there’s a […]

VIA MYFOXDC: WASHINGTON – Metro says a teenager was hit by a six-car Yellow Line Metro train at the Columbia Heights station on Thursday afternoon, and the boy died of his injuries at a local hospital. It happened around 2 p.m. D.C. Fire & EMS spokesman Pete Piringer says the boy was hit by an […]

VIA WASHINGTON POST: With his health-care overhaul slowly moving through Congress absent Republican support, President Obama turned to a solidly young, liberal audience on Thursday morning, rallying students at the University of Maryland to help him face the “defining struggle of this generation.” “When you’re young, I know this isn’t always an issue that you […]


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Budget problems will force $40 million in budget cuts by D.C. Public Schools by the end of October. The move announced Wednesday could prompt teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. The D.C. schools budget is estimated at $700 million, and the budget ax has fallen. It’s still uncertain of the effect it […]