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Brotherhood has a different meaning depending on who you ask. Whether bonded together by blood or similar circumstances, the platonic relationship between two males can be one of the most vital connections in life for an individual.

Unfortunately, the former bandmates of early 2000s R&B group B2K are neither of the such. After dropping two back-to-back successful albums in 2002 as a quartet, not to mention filming the 2004 box office smash You Got Served, the group decided to abruptly disband — members Lil’ Fizz, Raz-B and J Boog went one way, and lead singer Omarion pursued a solo career. Only the latter would prove to have further success.

Years later it was revealed through a handful of viral internet moments that reasons for their split were due to far more serious issues, including allegations of betrayal, jealously, contract disagreements and even sexual abuse at the hands of a manager.

Everything came to a head during a recent episode of popular podcast Drink Champs that featured Fizz, Boog and Raz-B in a tell-all interview that spanned for hours. Omarion fired back by appearing on The Breakfast Club to explain why the word “brother” could never be used to describe his past and/or current relationship with all three guys.



It’s unfortunate to see the members of B2K, who seemed to share a close connection during adolescence, grow up to resent each other as grown men who for the most part are each raising families of their own. In a perfect world they’d be the “cool uncles” to each other’s kids; instead, Fizz chooses to spark a sexual relationship with the mother of Omarion’s two children.

The whole thing ultimately feels like one big family feud, and we hope the fellas can one day have a real reunion to bury past transgressions. Hey, brothers fight!


In hopes of inspiring the boys-turned-men of B2K to reconcile their brotherly bond, we highlighted 7 real-life male siblings of Hollywood that prove brotherhood is forever.

From the “Darkness Brothers” in the hilarious words of Rick James to five soulful fellas that together pioneered the Motown sound, take a look below at celebrity brothers related by blood that get our utmost respect:



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1. Shawn & Marlon Wayans

Shawn & Marlon Wayans Source:Getty

A funny pair with no signs of faltering as a duo, The Wayans brothers always showed us the natural slapstick humor that comes from being related. It also doesn’t hurt to be born into a family of comedic royalty!

2. Charlie & Eddie Murphy

Charlie & Eddie Murphy Source:Getty

Although we loss the late Charlie Murphy back in 2017, we will never forget the dual comedic prowess that he and Eddie shared. “Darkness Brothers” for life!

3. Tony & Chris Rock

Tony & Chris Rock Source:Getty

The way Tony rode for Chris following Slapgate shows you just how tight they are as family. Everyone needs a younger brother like that in their corner. 

4. Steve & Wood Harris

Steve & Wood Harris Source:Will Sterling

With an uncanny resemblance and equal talent in front of the screen, we love seeing these two dominate Black Hollywood in their respective lanes. Now it’s time to finally do a movie together, bros!

5. Lahmard & Larenz Tate

Lahmard & Larenz Tate Source:Getty

Their synergy on Power is undeniable, and it’s been like that for decades in terms of how the Tates support each other. Shoutout to Larron, too!

6. The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers Source:Getty

While they didn’t always see eye-to-eye over the years, you can’t deny how sonically amazing The Isley Brothers sounded together when at their peak. B2K could definitely learn something from the Isley family history.

7. The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 Source:Getty

We couldn’t think of a more bonded brotherhood greater than The Jackson 5. Their success as a musical family extended from childhood well into adulthood, and even managed to stay close amidst the meteoric rise of Michael’s legendary solo career. We just wish MJ was still here to give us that J5 reunion the world deserved.