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93rd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

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Imagine this is the 1990s where Go-Go music basically lived on cassette tapes that were traded throughout Washington, D.C., and its surrounding suburbs. How wild would it be to see actress Glenn Close at a PA Palace grabbing the latest Experience Unlimited or Rare Essence tape?

The 93rd Academy Awards was the usual deal with host Lil Rel Howery and Questlove sharing in the hosting by committee duties of the socially distanced event.  In a bid to shake things up, Howery and Questlove played a bit of music trivia with the guests in attendance, including a funny bit with Howery’s Get Out co-star in Daniel Kaluuya that got the crowd laughing.

The game featured guests guessing whether or not the songs Questlove played were nominated for an Academy Award and Kaluuya didn’t immediately win his outing but he was properly educated shortly after.

However, few would’ve expected what happened when Glenn Close was approached.

When Questlove played E.U.’s classic smash “Da Butt,” Close shocked Howery by not only naming the band but also shouting out the legendary Backyard Band as well. The glamorous 74-year-old then broke down some history about the song and the fact it couldn’t have won an Oscar because the Academy never nominated the popular School Daze soundtrack single.

Howery, perhaps taken by surprise that Close knew Go-Go music so well, then asked her if she knew the dance and the actress stood up and gave a little shimmy much to the delight of the crowd and to fans watching around the world.

Make sure Glenn Close gets the five wings and fries fried hard with extra mumbo sauce and a Rock Creek grape soda next time she’s in the city. That’s right, mumbo, as in “mumble.”

Check out the reactions from Go-Go Glenn of the World below.

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Go-Go Glenn Of The World: Glenn Close Shocks Oscars With Go-Go Music Knowledge  was originally published on hiphopwired.com