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Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the United Nations, has found herself under fire for taking a shot at Vice President Kamala Harris. Over the weekend, many on the right took issue with Harris wishing Americans an enjoyable holiday weekend and Haley joined the throng, only to be met with criticism herself.

On May 29, Vice President Harris, who just spoke at the Naval Academy this past Friday (May 28), was blasted by conservative pundits and other opponents who took issue with her telling Americans to “Enjoy the long weekend” and essentially telling her that she missed the point of Memorial Day. Harris did indeed acknowledge the women and men of the armed forces not only in her recent speech but also via her Twitter account via a Sunday (May 30) tweet.

Harris’ weekend tweet was retweeted and quoted by Haley, who wrote in the quote, “Unprofessional and unfit,” sparking a flurry of both supportive and critical responses. Some on Twitter have remarked that Haley, like Harris, is of Indian descent while noting that the former governor seemingly hides her nationality.

While that charge may be up for debate, what is true is that Haley has been seen as a potential frontrunner for the GOP’s presidential hopes in 2024 and has aligned herself with a handful of Donald Trump’s policies despite being critical of the former president and business mogul in the wake of the January U.S. Capitol attack that he allegedly egged on as observed by some.

To add to this, it wasn’t until this morning that Haley herself used her Twitter account to acknowledge veterans and military members, which comes a day after Harris did the same while also explaining the meaning of Memorial Day.

On Twitter, many have reacted to Nikki Haley’s jab towards Vice President Kamala Harris. We’ve got the reactions below.

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