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Shannon Sharpe was noticeably absent from yesterday’s airing of the FOX Sports show Undisputed, which he regularly co-hosts with Skip Bayless. So the retired 3x Super Bowl champ showed up Wednesday morning to explain why he didn’t show up. But it wasn’t long until the pair were engaged in a heated argument about Bayless’ lack of respect for Sharpe and protocol overall.

“There’s been a lot of speculation on why I wasn’t on air yesterday, and I won’t get into [it]. But I will say this: watching that game on Monday night, what happened to [Buffalo Bills safety] Damar Hamlin struck me a little different… Skip tweeted something, and although I disagreed with the tweet — and hopefully Skip will take it down…” However, Bayless interrupted his partner, and things quickly unraveled on-air between the two.

“Timeout!” Bayless responded, cutting off his co-host. “I’m not gonna take it down, I stand by what I tweeted.” The tweet in question asked how the NFL would handle postponing Monday night’s football game, in spite of Hamlin’s on-screen collapse from cardiac arrest. Many fans and celebs considered it thoughtless and insensitive, so the 71-year-old sportswriter followed up with another tweet less than an hour later to clarify what he meant.

Sharpe became visibly upset with Bayless’ interjection, though. The former tight end shuffled his papers over and over, trying to gather himself. And finally shifted his focus away from the audience at home towards Bayless. “I mean, I cannot even get through a monologue without you interrupting me,” Sharpe snapped back.

“I was just gonna say, Skip, I didn’t want yesterday to [become] a situation where [your tweet about] Damar Hamlin was the issue,” he added. “It should’ve been about him, and not get into your tweet… but you can’t even let me finish my opening monologue without you interrupting.”

“I was under the impression that you weren’t going to bring this up,” Bayless responded, “because nobody here had a problem with that tweet.” Moderator Jen Hale tried to move the program along, wishing Hamlin a speedy recovery.

And though it still seemed tense between Bayless and Sharpe, the duo managed to push through the remainder of Wednesday’s show. Watch Bayless’ breakdown of his Damar Hamlin tweets from yesterday’s episode of Undisputed — sans Sharpe, of course. Let us know what you think.

See how Twitter’s reacting to the heated exchange below.

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