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The Marketing Pulpit Show with Robert Gatewood

Robert Gatewood, MBA

Source: Robert G. MBA / Robert G. MBA

The Marketing Pulpit Show with Robert Gatewood, MBA
The Marketing Pulpit Radio Show is the creation of marketing strategist, Robert Gatewood MBA.
Besides hosting the show, Gatewood is also a business developer, web strategist, author of 2 books, technology consultant for the Small Business Administration, adjunct professor, public speaker, and president of Gatewood Marketing, Inc.
The concept of the show sprang from Gatewood’s dismay with the high unemployment and business failures in the Black community.  According to Gatewood, “like in other communities, we should be able to hire our children, in our community, in our businesses.” He adds, “the best way to do that is by building successful businesses through effective, time-tested, marketing techniques.”
Gatewood titled the show “Marketing Pulpit” to honor his father, a Baptist minister who passed away just as the show was being conceptualized. Even though Gatewood is not a minister himself, the show is advocated as a business-building, job-creating ministry.
The Marketing Pulpit Show, which broadcasts each Friday at 10:30am EST, features a weekly Marketing Sermon by Gatewood, as well as news commentary on business, political and technology issues of the day.
For more information about the show and the host, visit, or call 301-839-2836.