Vision for Change Radio With John Stephenson

Source: Vision for Change Radio / John Stephenson

Vision for Change Radio is a weekly, interview, uplifting news, teaching style, and talk-show program. Vision for Change purposes to spotlight biblical principles and individuals that inspire the listeners that “all things are possible” and they can change any circumstance with information and execution. The featured guest are invited by program host, John Stephenson, and are interviewed in an up-close, transparent and thought-provoking format that inspires hope, faith, confidence in God.

John Stephenson is a Minister, Radio Personality, author, teacher, life-coach and speaker. He believes that every person can reach a place of self- empowerment with renewed thinking in five areas that form the foundation of our lives: Relationships, Finances, Education, Health & Fitness, and Spirituality. He teaches that we attract the success we desire when we pursue change and take control over present circumstances. Through the iLove, iGive, iServe Series, John is committed to showing people how to improve their lives through systematic cultivation of habits that promote change and enable individuals to reach their goals. Exciting and life-changing, John’s teachings on leadership, serving, and faith have given him the opportunity to share God’s Word with an ever-broadening audience. He has fulfilled speaking engagements at a variety of churches and conferences, as well as university and community functions.

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