‘Leading mind, body and spirit Medicine Man, certified Doctor of metaphysics & Master Herbalist, Doctah B Sirius on how to repel the body of mental & physical parasites, natural detoxification for the spring season, repairing telomeres & more. Before we get to Doctah B, Economics Professor, Jim Clingman on Trumps’ taxes & Trumps Russian connection.The […]

Researcher, Brother Tarik, on Donald Trump, Project Monarch, Kidney issues in Blacks & more. Before we get to Brother Tarik, The NOI International Representative, Akbar Muhammad on Ben Carsons’ statement, that Slaves Were Immigrants Who Came Here And Worked Really Hard ‘For Less’. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 FM at […]

Attorney-at-War, Alton Maddox on Trumps’ Administration, Trumps move against Islamic Immigrants & more Before we get attorney Maddox, Rashaan Everetts‘ move to use equity crowdfunding to create a tech start-up incubator for Black entrepreneurs.The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 FM at 4 pm ET., 3 pm CT., 1 pm PT., woldcnews.com. […]

Dr. MLK Jr., his ideals and the inauguration on tap today. Professor of Critical Thinking and African History, Dr. David Horne on how kings legacy would fit into the Trump era & Trumps’ fight with Congressman John Lewis. Before we get to Dr. Horne, Hollywood executive Tim Hutchinson on Trumps’ standoff with Hollywood & love […]

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Examines the Chicago murders in the wake of a former top cop blaming Black Lives Matter & Donald Trump signaling federal intervention.The chairman will also give his thoughts on the cause of the spiraling killings. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 FM at 4 pm ET., 3 […]


Univ. of San Francisco, Poli-Sci Professor, Dr. James Taylor examines the strained relationship between the Police & the Black Community. Before we get to Dr. James Taylor, Professor Griff( Kavon Shah) tells his side of the story linking him to the Dallas sniper. The Big Show starts on 1450 WOL at 4pm ET., 3pm CT., […]

They came from all over the country to hear from some of the greatest minds; thinkers of our generation. News Talk 1450 WOL afternoon host Carl Nelson and his PowerTalk One conference at Plymouth Congregational Church in Northest Washington featured guest speakers Dick Gregory; Dr. Francis Cress Welsing; historian Anthony Browder; Dr. Claud Anderson; Dr. […]

Carl Nelson celebrates Dick Gregory’s 80th birthday. Listen live right now as Carl is joined in studio by Sidney Miller of BRE Magazine and Rock Newman. Listen all afternoon until 7pm for special guests to wish Dick Gregory all the best on his 80th birthday.