Carl Nelson

Author & Talk show Host, Dr. Wilmer Leon on Trump and Putin’s’ recent meeting. Dr. Wilmer Leon will also talk about what the Trump-Putin alliance means for the Black Community, why Evangelicals including many of the Black Clergy steadfastly still support Trump, should Black Lawmakers put pressure on their respective party’s to speak out against […]

MLB Hall of Famer Dave Winfield heads up an All-Star roster of former Players, Coaches, Managers and Executives who will kick off the inaugural Player’s Trust Youth Development All-Star Weekend in Washington, DC on July 13th and 14th.

Medical & Holistic Doctor, Jennifer Daniels will discuss why she says turpentine is the Fountain of Youth, able to cure many ailments, both real and imaginary. Dr. Daniels will also explain why she joined the holistic road to help her patients after graduating from Med. School, why the drug companies, hospitals, insurance companies, and the […]

“The Man with the Plan”, Dr. Claud Anderson outlines the issues that the immigration proposals will cause for the Black Community, the Democratic Party’s leadership difficulties, how Black America can move up the economic ladder @ more. Before we get to Dr. Anderson, Community Activist, Mollie Bell on the attack on Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Will […]

Educator & Griot, Dr. Kabe Kamane (Booker T Coleman) explains the link between the hands that built the pyramids and those that built the Whitehouse. Dr. Kabe will detail the role Africans played in building WDC.

Chairman Fred Hampton checks in with information about the young black girls disappearing from the streets of Chicago, the increasing homicide rate among young black women, a 10-year-old handcuffed by cops after teachers call the police to quite a temper tantrum & more. Before we get to the chairman, activist, Ernestine Johnson on the hurdles […]

The former head of the WDC Black Psychologists Assn. Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Jeff Menzise looks at the telltale signs of depression, & why it’s not widely discussed in the Black Community, & how narcissism manifests itself & more. Before we get to Dr. Menzise, Playwrite & actress, Marcia Cole on Juneteenth, how it […]

Kemetologist, author, publisher, cultural historian, artist, and educational consultant, Anthony Tony Browder will open up one of his Browder Files & discuss the 5th Annual PowerTalk Lecture Series scheduled for WDC later this month, Brother Tony will also talk about his Egypt on The Potomac Tour, Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization & more. Before we […]

Activist & Author, Shahrazad Ali On How Feminism Destroyed The Black Family, on how the Homosexual Agenda is affecting our youth, why the Black Community is stuck in a rut copying others with no direction for self. Before we get to Sista, Shahrazad, The Faith Brothers on why a Bad behavior is often rewarded if […]

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing‘s mentor, Neely Fuller Jr. will give us another installment of Racism/White Supremacy. According to him, if you don’t understand how it works and all that it entails, then everything else you think you understand will only serve to confuse you. Before we get to Neely, The head of the WDC Teachers […]