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Controversial Republican commentator Ann Coulter jumped in to defend Herman Cain yesterday on the Sean Hannity Show from what many conservatives are calling a “witch-hunt” after Politico reported that he was accused of sexual harassment by two former employees in the early 1990s. See Also: Black Travel: Visit Atlanta, Georgia See Also: DSK Rape Case […]

WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain admitted Monday to being accused of sexual harassment while at the helm of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, but denied ever engaging in such activity. Cain decried a report that said the association had reached settlements with two women who lodged sexual harassment claims against him […]

Controversial Republican commentator Rush Limbaugh slammed news website Politco for their story on Herman Cain today which claimed he was accused of sexual harassment in the early 90s. See Also:  Top 10 Rush Limbaugh Racist Quotes See Also: Yale Study Finds Beverage Industry Targets Minority Children Limbaugh called the Politico article a “hit job” and […]

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — Former businessman turned presidential frontrunner Herman Cain continued his attempts to calm voters concerns over his lack of foreign policy experience during a campaign stop here Wednesday night. Also read:U.S. PRISON POPULATION: TOO BIG TO JAIL?

At least two female employees complained to senior officials about inappropriate behavior by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain during Cain’s tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, Politico reports. See also: Herman Cain Smoking Ad Slammed As Glorifying Smoking According to reports, the women complained about sexually suggestive behavior by […]

A new article in the NYTimes focuses on Herman Cain and various ex-aides of his campaign who reveal the chaos behind one of the fastest surging Republican presidential candidates. Cain, who has touted himself as an excellent manager, is portrayed different in the article by ex-aides who accuse him of mishandling big donors and ignoring […]

HOUSTON — An African American conservative who runs the site, Ragingelephants.com, recently attacked several Democrats at a rally for GOP candidate, Herman Cain. Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani called the Democrats the “Party of KKK” at a rally in Houston before a Herman Cain speech. Cain has not condoned or criticized Kamu-Imani’s remarks. Herman Cain Better Get Serious […]

Republican presidential contender Herman Cain has recently released a bizarre campaign ad featuring his campaign manager, Matt Brock, smoking a cigarette in it towards the end. The usage of a cigarette in the video is baffling to many across the web. RELATED: Cain Tops Romney In Latest CBS/NYT Poll RELATED: Herman Cain Better Get Serious If He […]

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has now catapulted himself to the top of the GOP field. According to the latest CBS/NY Times poll, Cain now leads former frontrunner for the GOP nomination Mitt Romney by 4 percentage points. Close to 1700 people were sampled for this poll and 455 said they planned to vote in […]

Straw polls seem to be Herman Cain’s bread and butter. Cain went on to win his second straw poll this past weekend in Nevada. He won 31 percent of the vote and edged out Mitt Romney who finished with 29 percent. Cain won the Nevada GOP Straw Poll making it the second he’s won in […]