WASHINGTON — For computer users, a few mouse clicks could mean the difference between staying online and losing Internet connections this summer. SEE ALSO: Beastie…

Documents in a Jacksonville, Florida case where a 12-year-old killed his 2-year-old brother for irritating him show their mother surfed the Web for hours while her child lay unconscious. According to the documents, Biannela Susana, the mother of the two boys, surfed the Web looking for information on “when someone gets knocked out” and concussions. […]

A new plan launched by Comcast dubbed “Internet Essentials” will help low-income families afford the internet for just $10 a month. Comcast, whose lowest priced plans range between $40 and $60, have decided to bring the internet to more families across the country who can’t afford their current rates. The internet connection features 1.5 Mbps […]

Los Angeles–An LA Times correspondent recently criticized they way Huffington Post compensates their writers and journalists.  LA Times’ Tim Rutten believes that the Huffington Post’s editorial quality will decline after the AOL acquisition, because the writers are allegedly underpaid.

VIA BLACK WEB 2.0: Last week search giant Google, technology nonprofit One Economy, cell phone provider Cricket and hardware maker Qualcomm announced a plan to provide free broadband access for two years to low income communities in Washington, D.C. The program, called “Project Change Access, ” will distribute free computers and wireless broadband access cards […]