Kofi Siriobe is our chocolate hero. The Queen Sugar actor (and HB’s sexiest man of 2016) took to Twitter to praise Black women and shut down a troll in the process. https://twitter.com/kofisiriboe/status/829043835930034180 https://twitter.com/willpowerpacker/status/829064469196083200 All of which led to Twitter user Claire Palmer adding her two cents. But, Kofi handled it. https://twitter.com/kofisiriboe/status/829132969944182785 https://twitter.com/kofisiriboe/status/829412466891304960 In similar news, […]

It is with teary eyes that I must remind you that the first season of Queen Sugar is coming to an end. This is only good news if you are just now catching up, or if you haven’t watched at all yet, because that means you can just binge-watch the whole season at your leisure. […]

  In OWN’s new drama series Queen Sugar Kofi Siriboe portrays Ralph Angel Bordelon, a young man recently released from prison who is facing all the challenges that entails, while raising his 6-year-old son and getting to know his long-estranged siblings once again.   He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his start in […]