Taco Bell

What in the world is going on with fast food establishments these days? The kinds of folks that are being hired at these restaurants are certainly…

After years of being accused of filling its tacos with a fake meat mixture, the fast food restaurant chain Taco Bell is reinventing its staple with shells made of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos. RELATED: 10 Worst Fast Food Creations Of 2011 BBQ Hot Spot Has Cult-Like Following The tacos, which debuted earlier this year in California’s San […]

Police in Missouri arrested a man for an incident last Saturday after he pulled a shotgun on a Taco Bell employee for forgetting to include hot sauce with his order. Police said Jeremy Combs, 30, arrived home after making an order at a Lee Summit, MO. Taco Bell. Combs returned to the restaurant’s drive-through with […]