TEXAS — Two inmates attacked four officers in Huntsville, Texas allowing convicted murderer Trent Archie, 29, and David McLeskey, 23, to escape. The entire incident was caught on camera and released to the public. Video below: The corrections staff allowed the inmates to use the phone, who later attacked and escape, reports said. The Huffington […]

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — The planned execution Thursday of a Mexican national has prompted a flurry of appeals on his behalf, including a rare plea from the White House, because of what it could mean for other foreigners arrested in the U.S. and for Americans detained in other countries. Humberto Leal, 38, is awaiting a ruling […]

A statue built for famed boxer Jack Johnson has sparked controversy in Galveston, Texas. Some homeowners complain it will create too much traffic, although some believe that the controversy only exists because of Johnson’s reputation for dating white women. Other home owners, like Helen Douglas, believe it is Johnson’s history that makes some want to […]

DALLAS, Tx. — A Dallas mother alleges that her 12-year-old son was bound to a chair with duct tape and beaten by classmates even as a teacher stood by and ignored the attack. VIDEO: The NY Daily News reports: The woman said his hands were taped to the chair, he was wrapped with a telephone […]

With a strong voice and the memories that come from experience, William McDonald shared with East Texans about a world that once was.