A grand jury declined to indict the police officer who pinned down a Black girl at a pool party. The police will hold a community meeting to discuss moving forward.

The child's parents are seeking $3 million in damages claiming that the incident was a direct result of racial bullying.

Rougely has removed her daughter from Live Oak for the remainder of the school year.

Police in Amarillo, Texas are responding to reports of an active shooter and a possible hostage situation in a Walmart store in the city.

Five high school students were arrested for allegedly spray-painting hate messages on walls at a rival high school. They face up to a year in prison.

“What I make to very serious is that you understand there is absolutely no reason at all to think that the death of Ms. Marshall was caused by anything other than a health related issue,” McRae said in an exclusive interview with NewsOne

The student's mother believes this attack was racially motivated and is suing the Waco, Texas, school for $2.7 million.

On May 10, Symone Marshall died in police custody. Her family is demanding answers about what happened in the spaces in between.

Family members are demanding answers as to what happened to their daughter.

Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the conditions on the ground and the latest developments in the deadly historic Houston flooding.