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NEWARK-For the second year in a row, Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been handling requests from snow removal personally via Twitter. The massive snowstorm that has hit the east coast has left several people stranded in their own homes in Newark. Here are some of Booker’s Tweets: If ur stuck DM me ur # RT […]

VIA BLACK WEB 2.0: In light of the recent Library of Congress archive of all of our “tweets”, Twitterers need to be more cautious and cognizant of what they discuss or tweet on Twitter. Now most of us keep it simple and don’t engage in legal pitfalls such as defamation, terrorist threats, pornography, disclosure of […]

VIA WISE BREAD: By Craig Kessler Growing up, there seems to be a standard progression from year to year that makes up the path of your childhood into the beginnings of your adult world. Sure, some stray and create their own paths, but the majority of us hold on to the security blanket that is […]