As the Occupy Movement springs up across the U.S., Occupy Atlanta may be the most pertinent as census data shows that the city has the widest income gap between rich and poor in the country. According to the census, the most income-segregated areas tend to be in the city’s suburbs where, as of 2008, 85 […]

SAN FRANCISCO, Cali. —There is a growing concern in San Francisco for the declining African-American population, as it could affect the amount of Black representation in political office. Malia Cohen, for example, is the only African-American on the 11-member San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Although San Francisco once experienced a surge in the Black population […]

According to the U.S. census, America will become a nation in which white people are no longer that majority faster than people have expected. The Huffington Post reports: The data shows a declining number of white adults and growing under-18 populations of Hispanics, Asians and other minorities. Nationwide, 67 percent of adults are white, but […]