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Here is some of the reaction by Americans from around the country after President Barack Obama voiced his support for gay marriage.

“It definitely felt a like an important moment. For someone who’s been fighting in this movement for a long time … it’s overwhelming. Wow!” – Chris Seelbach, a gay rights activist elected last year as Cincinnati’s first openly gay city councilman.

“I’m not really for gay marriage. I think a man should be with a woman in God’s eyes and a woman should be with a man. But to each his own.” – Joanie Taylor, 55, who works in the medical field and lives in Utica, Mich.

“His coming out in favor of gay marriage demonstrates that the issue is more important than anything of a political nature during a presidential campaign. … I think this shows courage. He did this despite the fact that he might lose votes over it.” – Glen Miles, senior minister at Country Club Christian Church in Kansas City, Mo.

“This will unify the gay community, completely. He’s going to have us 100 percent behind him.” – Keith Adams, 47, of Hollywood, Calif.

“Obama’s proclamation, to me, just gives insight into his moral fiber. It’s inappropriate for him to be speaking about it as president.” – Joe Alexander, an executive recruiter from Lexington, Ky.

“It’s good, I guess, that he’s being upfront about what he stands for. I guess I respect that, but I don’t think it’s a huge defining moment in history that he said that.” – Cassondra Keller, a 20-year-old advertising and marketing student at Marquette University in Wisconsin.

“I’m not surprised by anything Obama does. He’ll go with anything that makes him look better. … I think all politicians are just in it for their own gain.” – Sean Schwiger, 41, a restaurant cook in a Murfreesboro, Tenn.

“That’s a great thing, he’s been holding out on that for a while.” – Zachary John, 25, an energy consultant in Baltimore.

Americans React To Obama’s Support Of Same-Sex Marriage  was originally published on newsone.com