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To live the life of Wyclef Jean is to believe that almost anything is possible. Wyclef is a Grammy Award winning multimillionaire rock star who comes from Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. He’s one of thousands of Haitians who immigrate to the U.S. And many never return. But not Wyclef.

As 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley first reported in January, he goes back to Haiti often, using his personal wealth to help his impoverished country.

Wyclef’s passion and determination have made him a hero to millions of Haitians.

Pelley got to see firsthand how they feel about Wyclef Jean when they visited Cite Soleil, one of the most infamous slums on Earth.


Cite Soleil is a sprawling slum by the bay of Port-au-Prince. Half a million people live there, many of them next to a garbage dump. The name means “Sun City,” but despite its name, this is a breeding ground for disease and despair, gangs and violence.

“They know you’re here,” Pelley remarked, hearing the cheers. “Man, they are coming by the hundreds, by the thousands.”

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