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If you’re looking to land a job out of college, enhance your career or find a new one, maybe you’re thinking about jumping on the blogging bandwagon.

But do you really need blogger on your résumé?

“No one has to have a blog,” said Allen Johnston, a social media professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Business.

“It can be purposeful if it’s professional, well thought out and intelligent,” he said. “But it’s a different thing if you just ramble without a strategic plan. You’re opening yourself up to disaster.”

Blogs, or Web logs used to share opinions and ideas with the world via the Internet, have taken off in the past decade. There were 126 million blogs on the Internet as of January, according to BlogPulse, a division of ratings firm Nielsen that tracks blogs.

For those who are decent writers, have something to share that’s related to their profession or passion, and have time to commit to posting frequent entries, blogging can be a great tool. (Full disclosure: I blog about labor and workplace issues on CareerDiva.net.) For the rest, it may be best to sit on the blogosphere bench.

The key is figuring out if a blog will really help your career aspirations or not.

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