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NYFD Commissioner Salvatore Cassano’s (pictured left) son has officially resigned after posting a series of racist tweets to his Twitter account, the New York Post reports.

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In one tweet, former EMT Joseph Cassano (pictured right) says, “I like Jews about as much as Hitler.”

Cassano saves most of his vitriol for President Obama’s supporters. In another tweet, sent out Feb. 3, he says he’s “getting sick of picking up all these Obama lovers and taking them to the hospital because their medicare pays for an ambulance and not a cab.”

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Cassano also has more words for Obama supporters:

“Gotta love people with the iPhone 5 and brand new Jordan’s whip out their benefits card #f–kobama #ipaidforyourstuff.”

And before last year’s election, Cassano sent out a tweet saying that he would “move to Scotland” if Obama was reelected.

Beyond attacking the President, Cassano wasn’t too fond of his EMT work:

“Got kicked in the shin by a drunk and had to carry a 275 pound guy down 5 flights of stairs . . . my job is the worst #yearandahalftogo.”

Not even the great Martin Luther King Jr. was safe from attack. On MLK day, Cassano tweeted that “MLK could go kick rocks for all I care, but thanks for the time and a half today.”

Being the son of the city’s fire commissioner, it wasn’t long before Cassano’s tweets spread caught the attention of the New York media. He officially resigned from his EMT position Tuesday. NYFD Chief Cassano issued the following response to his son’s words:

“I am extremely disappointed in the comments posted online by my son Joseph, which do not reflect the values — including a respect for all people — that are held by me, my family and the FDNY. I have worked hard for many years, as have so many people in the agency, to make the FDNY more diverse and inclusive. There is no place — and I have no tolerance — for statements that would harm the good reputation we enjoy due to our honorable service to all New Yorkers.

As a parent, this is very painful for me, but I believe my son has made the right decision [to resign],” Salvatore Cassano said. “I love him very much and, with the support and love of our entire family, we will get through this together.”

The younger Cassano released a statement apologizing for his words Monday, saying that “My intention was never to hurt anyone, or any group, and these tasteless comments do not reflect the person my parents raised me to be.”

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