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After officially coming out and becoming the first openly homosexual athlete, Jason Collins probably isn’t receiving the responses he expected.

The center for the Washington Wizards was the subject of death threats via Twitter according to TMZ. Although Collins has openly admitted he didn’t expect to be accepted the way he was, receiving support from President Obama,  Kobe Bryant and even former president Bill Clinton, death threats were definitely unexpected.

LeRoy Butler, formerly of the GreenBay Packers, was scheduled to speak at a Wisconsin church, was canceled as a speaker following a tweet he sent out in support of Collins. Butler refused the church’s demand for him to not only delete the tweet but to ask for God’s forgiveness.

“Why would you ask me to reduce my integrity like that?”, Butler said in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Also in an interview with TMZ, Carolyn Moos, Collins former fiancé, revealed that she was shocked by the athlete’s revelation.

Collins will also be interviewed and featured on Oprah’s Next Chapter, about the big reveal.





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