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It seems like only yesterday kids were running out of school to begin summer break. Now, our thoughts are turning towards preparing them for the new school year. Already, stores are trying to entice parents with their back to school offers on anything from clothing to stationary.

The following tips will allow kids and parents to get back into the school routine in a stress free manner.

Shopping for new uniforms/clothes

During the summer months, children normally outgrow their current clothes and shoes. It is vitally important to take your children with you when buying new clothes. Not only does it ensure you get the correct size but it also focuses the childs mind on the fact that they will be going back to school shortly. As every other parent and child will be in the same situation, it is quite common to bump into schoolfriends on these trips to the shops, this should be used as a positive as the children will now be looking forward to being reunited with their friends. As a parent, you should be mentioning this at regular intervals from now on to get your child used to the thought.

Earlier bedtimes

There is every chance your child would have been having later bedtimes than they typically would do during term time. Start gradually getting your children to bed earlier, approximately a week before term was due to start. You should tell your children the reason for their earlier bedtimes, just in case they think they are being punished and cannot work out why. By the weekend before they are due to start back to school, children should be back into their normal school sleep routine. This will ensure they are getting enough sleep and are suitably refreshed and ready for their first day back at school.

Do the school run

It is worth taking either a drive or walk to the school a couple of days before the children are due to go back. This will re familiarise the children with the journey and also the school buildings. Remember, the school holidays are a long time away for small children so, seeing the building again will help them refocus on returning to school.

Get them ready mentally

Ask your children questions about their schooling and schoolfriends during August, this gets them back into the mindset of thinking about all aspects of schooling which will hopefully mean they hit the ground running when the first day back arrives.

It is important not to go over the top and brainwash your child into thinking about school more than they need to. This will be different for each child. Some children will relish the return to school whilst others will be extremely worried. What we, as parents mustn’t do it unduly worry our children. We need to promote school as a fun and happy place to be. If our children go back with this attitude then they will be in a much better position to learn and progress as we all want them to.