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Huong (pictured), a Miami-based artist, created a mural depicting George Zimmerman shooting slain teen Trayvon Martin, and it made its debut at Florida’s Capitol rotunda on Friday, according to ABC Action News. 

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The image, entitled “We Are All Trayvon Martin,” shows the volunteer neighborhood watchman opening fire on a person wearing a hoodie. In Huong’s rendering of Trayvon, she intentionally whited out his face in order to show that the shooting could’ve happened to anybody.

Watch a news report about Huong’s mural here:

Huong joined Dream Defenders protesters, a group of youth and young adults who are protesting Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws in the wake of the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict, on their 25th day of camping at the Capitol.

The mural also features Civil Rights leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., and leaves space for people to write their opinions about Martin.

Huong says she wants her picture to encourage discussion on what kind of society people want.

“We can change,” she said. ”But justice, that’s what we’re sticking for. Justice for you. Justice for me. Justice for everybody.”

The former Vietnam war refugee and peace activist says she wants to take her mural to Washington, D.C., as well.

Zimmerman confronted and fatally shot Martin during a struggle in Sanford, Fla., last February. A grand jury found him not guilty of second-degree murder last month, setting off nationwide protests.

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