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The FBI says the gunman who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard yesterday had access to the highly secure military installation as a defense contractor and used a valid pass to enter. He’s been identified as former Navy Reservist Aaron Alexis. Police say he’s believed to have acted alone, but his motive remains a mystery.

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Valerie Parlave assistant director in charge of the FBI field office in Washington identifies the Navy Yard shooter as Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth Texas.

Aaron Alexis appears to have been an electrician. He served in the navy, but it is unclear whether he was still on active duty.


Police say at least 12 people have died in the shootings today at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. One gunman is dead.

Police now say a man who was seen in a military-style outfit and had been sought in connection with the shooting rampage has been identified and is not a suspect.

The police chief says there is no indication of a possible motive at this time.


Police have not ruled out the possibility of more shooters in this morning’s shooting at the Washington DC Navy Yard. ABC’s Luis Martinez:

We heard from D.C. police that it appears that both were wearing military style clothing, one wearing tan garb, khaki outfit, similar to what a media officer might be wearing.

The other individual described as wearing olive drab type of uniform. They’re not saying that these two individuals belong to the military but that the clothing they were seen wearing looks similar to the military style of garb. 


We are now getting reports that 1 gunman is dead, 2 other shooters potentially are at large, 10 people have been shot and multiple victims killed, at the D.C. Navy Yard where a gunman went on a shooting rampage. Police say the shooter is down, uncertain whether he has been shot.


Former FBI agent and ABC news consultant Brad Garrett says the security breach that allowed a gunman to enter a heavily guarded government building is disturbing:

Washington is just a target-rich place. I mean, bad guys, for whatever their motivation, love to attack this place. And so that’s something else I guarantee you they’re looking at is, is this just contained to the Washington Navy Yard and hopefully

A gunman opened fire inside the sea systems command building at the Navy Yard. Frank Putso is a Navy Yard attorney who was attending a meeting on the fourth floor of the building when the shots rang out:

We heard three sounds which I described like a table falling onto the ground. We came out of our offices to check it out and there was a very loud, unmistakably a gunshot, that fourth one that couldn’t have been more than a 100 feet from where we were.

D.C. police and the FBI say the suspect has been contained but not yet in custody.

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Police are responding to reports of shots fired, and an FBI spokeswoman says there’s several confirmed injured including two D.C. officers. SWAT teams are telling employees to “shelter in place” as they go room to room, looking for a man reported to have at least three weapons. The U.S. Navy also confirmed on Twitter that they’re looking for a gunman. ABC’s Steven Portnoy has more details:

We are blocked several blocks perhaps as much as a half-mile away from the entrance to the Navy Yard, a huge manner of D.C. police and federal officers controlling the scene here which is adjacent to the new headquarters of the Department of Transportation.

And several dozen workers from this building are now on the street being blocked off by yellow police tape as we watch police cars with their sirens and lights race by and overhead there are federal helicopters surveying the scene from the air.

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