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A federal grand jury has subpoenaed an amateur video that shows confusion and screaming in the moments after U.S. Park Police fatally shot a man in the District’s Trinidad neighborhood, as part of an ongoing investigation into the shooting death of Trey Joyner.

Will Jones, a Trinidad resident who filmed the scene on his camera phone, said he testified Thursday before the grand jury in U.S. District Court. He testified for about an hour, he said.

Grand jury proceedings are secret, and officials with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment. But the subpoena for the video and the man who shot it underscores how aggressively authorities are pursuing their inquiry into the June 8 shooting by U.S. Park Police officers, an incident that has roiled the Northeast Washington neighborhood because of conflicting accounts about what happened.

The video does not show the shooting itself, so it is unclear how it might help the grand jury decide…

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