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Allen West (pictured) wouldn’t know common sense if kidnapped him, but he has the nerve to deem someone else incompetent. Now that West’s district has voted to eject him from Congress, he’s been hard at work at boosting his profile within the nonsensical, bats**t crazy world of conservative media. To his credit, he is a natural fit because much of what he says makes me want to pour bleach down my ears to totally cleanse myself of the nonsense I just heard.

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Case in point, during an appearance on the Fox News Radio program “Kilmeade and Friends,” West suggested that there might be “malicious” intent behind the glitches that have setback the rollout of President Barack Obama’s marquee legislative achievement: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

West explained:  

I’m starting to wonder if this is something intentional in nature. You cannot be this incompetent … Part of Obamacare eliminated the private sector financial market that engages in giving college student loans. I mean now the federal government has taken over college student loans, so I sit back and strategically look at this and say this just cannot be happening. It really cannot be happening. And no one can be this incompetent. So is there a little nefarious, malicious intent going on here? And I think that’s what the American people need an answer on.

I’m surprised that he didn’t end this diatribe with a sinister laugh like “Mumm-Ra” from “Thundercats”:

As someone with private student loans, let me just say that the less people have to contend with — which offer higher interest rates, less flexible repayment options, and cannot be discharged even after bankruptcy –  the better off the overall economy will be.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, since accepting complaints about student loans in March 2012, has received more than 4,000 complaints about private student loans. In an analysis of the report detailing the various complaints, the U.S. PIRG Education Fund wrote,“Choosing to pay for college through a private student loan is no better than paying for it on a credit card.” So although West is playing funny with the facts, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to curtail the growing private student loan market.

Meanwhile, West continued to push his “something is sneaky about the Obama” meme, when he questioned the Obama administration’s handling of foreign policy:

This cannot all be happening by happenstance. This cannot all be happening by just sheer incompetence. If it is, then this entire administration needs to go away. But there has to be some questions. What’s the intent behind this? I mean no one can purposely wake up and say, ‘Let’s screw this up today.’

Uh, did he miss the government shutdown? Or the Senate rules being changed? Those are two fine examples of Republicans purposely waking up and saying, “Let’s screw this up today.”

And once again, West reiterated the Obama-being-”terrible”-on-purpose meme with Obamacare:

I think eventually we’re going to have to ask ourselves: Can you be this incompetent, or is there a bit of nefarious activity that’s going on? You can’t go out and say 33 of the 34 times that you can keep your insurance, that you can keep your doctor, period, and now all of a sudden you come back and say, ‘Well, I didn’t know. I would not have gone out and said anything about the website would have been as easy as going on … if I had known.’ Then you probably should not be the President if you’re that out of touch.

True enough there was a blunder on that promise and it has affected people like me who pay for their own insurance. Still, it’s a relatively small figure — 10 to 12 million — and more often that not, most of us who will see our plans change are being offered better plans with some at cheaper costs. It could be a lot worse, and if anything, our premiums would be a lot cheaper if these Republican governors would stop refusing to accept federal dollars to cover Medicaid expansion.

Allen West says if President Obama wants to regain credibility, he should resign. This from the man whose entire political existence is to serve as a Black buffoon for the GOP. Talk about “nefarious, malicious intent.” If Allen West wants to regain credibility, he should buy a muzzle.

Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer. You can read more of his work on his site, The Cynical Ones. Follow him on Twitter: @youngsinick

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