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Late last year, Canadian writer Orville Lloyd Douglas wrote for The Guardian, “I can honestly say I hate being a black male.” His column about being trapped in his skin, his “personal prison” caused a stir in Internet circles and brought to the fore the issue of self-hatred in the black community.

Roland Martin spoke with a panel of experts – psychologist Jeffrey Gardere, professor of history Elwood Watson and Africana studies professor Yaba Blay on Tuesday’s “NewsOne Now” to discuss skin bleaching, plastic surgery and self-hatred among black Americans.

“Even though we are doing much better and we are accepting the fact that black is beautiful, it’s still a struggle,” said Gardere. ”It took a lot of years for us to get to this place where we have a lot of this self-hatred because of slavery, because of  day-to-day racism and it’s going to take a lot of years for us to finally get to the place where we can accept ourselves for who we are and how we’re put on this planet, how we’re born into the world.”

Martin echoed Gardere’s sentiments and called out celebrities like Latoya Jackson, Sammy Sosa and Lil’ Kim for their attempts to change their appearance.

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