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Providence Hospital in Northeast D.C. allegedly has a nasty rat infestation, according to a former employee of the hospital. Doris Kennard, who was hired at the facility to clean the deceased bodies among other things in the morgue, claims that rats ran rapid throughout the morgue. She recalled working there a few years back, saying the rats chewed through body bags and had gotten so bad the rodents were going through the anal and vaginal cavities of the cadavers.

Kennard, who sued the hospital for emotional distress, gave a vivid picture of working on a body in 2010 and pulling what she believed was the string of a feminine product from a woman that turned out to be a rat, which attacked her and landed her in the hospital. How did the rats get there in the first place? Kennard is not sure, but suspects that the coolers, that held the bodies, broke down and as the bodies began to warm up it drew in rats from nearby.

The former Providence employee, who originally filed the lawsuit in December 2012, won a $237,000 judgment on July 18 according to court records. The hospital deny the claims and plans to appeal the verdict. A hospital rep told HuffPost on Friday, “The District of Columbia Department of Health and two of their field inspectors toured our facilities today and found absolutely no evidence that would support the claims that were alleged.” The facility’s gift shop was closed down in January by health inspectors because of rodent droppings found and a bag of food chewed open by “some sort of pest“.

Hugh W. Farrell with Farrell & Gunderson, released the following statement: “We vehemently disagree with the verdict and will file an appeal…There was absolutely no evidence of the alleged rat activity. We look forward to correcting this verdict on appeal.


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