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The Department of Justice has announced a new set of  rules to help curb racial profiling by federal law enforcement officials. These guidelines instruct federal law enforcement agencies to no longer consider:

  • gender
  • national origin
  • religion
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identification

While this is good at the federal level, these new practices do not apply to the local level where many African American and Latinos are being profiled on a more than regular basis.

Mo Ivory, guest host of “NewsOne Now” and the Straight Talk panel featuring, J. Hogan Gidley, Judith Browne Dianis and Rashad Robinson discuss what impact, if any the new racial profiling guidelines will have in the streets of America.

Ivory kicked off the panel discussion exclaiming, “On the street, at the local Ferguson Police Department, do you think they’re really sitting around saying ‘well, Eric Holder just issued these new guidelines and we’re changing our behavior today.”

GOP strategist, Gidley said as he pointed towards the US Capitol seen outside of the “NewsOne Now” studio, “what these people want to do, Republican or Democrat, is make it appear as though they are doing something. Whether they actually accomplish something at the local level to effect change, protect people, I don’t even know if that matters to a lot of folk over there.”

Gidley continued, “What they care about is getting re-elected and they care about having high profile status that they’ve actually put something forward, never gonna happen, never gonna actually make some change at a local level.”

Listen to Mo Ivory and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk Panel discuss the possibility of the DOJ’s new racial profiling rules making it all the way down to the street level where it really matters the most.

Would these new guidelines have saved the lives of Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, John Crawford and other African American males who have died as an indirect result of being profiled?

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