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On Wednesday, a group of nine African American women, called the Delegation of Grieving Mothers, went before the House Judiciary committee to discuss how it felt to lose their sons to violence at the hands of police.

Tressa Sherrod, mother of John Crawford; Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant; Valerie Bell, mother of Sean Bell and a number of other mothers who have experienced the impact of police brutality and the use excessive force were also in attendance.

Thursday, Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now,” spoke with Pastor Jamal Bryant via Skype about the “powerful testimony” of the delegation of mothers and the need, not just for federal intervention but also action on the state level.


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“It is very clear that this issue is resonating with people across various races, across ideologies,” said Martin.

Pastor Bryant responded, “The momentum is here. It is now a global movement, from London, to Korea, to South Africa. I think we are now in the next phase, where there has to be a demand.”

“Frederick Douglas said, ‘Power concedes nothing without a demand. A protest without a point is just a parade.’” Bryant added, “Now there has to be an act, and what they did yesterday, the mothers, by going forth and looking for legislation to happen, the Bible is clear, ‘Be angry, but sin not,’” said Bryant. “So with all of our rage, with all of our disappointment, now has to be what you call … the ask.”

Listen to Roland Martin, Pastor Bryant and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel discuss the Delegation of Grieving Mothers going before Congress to share their heartbreaking stories of loss in efforts to seek legislation to curb police brutality.

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