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People cover their noses as they arrive to see the bodies of attackers - KENYA 2015

People cover their noses as they arrive to see the bodies of attackers – KENYA 2015 (Photo by: Carl De Souza / Getty)

Five people have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the Garissa University College college attack in Kenya, in which at least 148 were killed on Thursday. The bodies of the at least four of the terrorists were driven through the streets, so that people could see that they were in fact dead, reports the BBC.

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The Associated Press reports that three of the attackers were arrested while trying to cross into Somalia, while two others were arrested at Garissa college. Kenyan authorities had put up a bounty of $220,000 for information leading to the arrest of the alleged mastermind behind the Garissa attack, Mohamed Mohamud, also known as Dulyadin Gamadhere, a former teacher at a Kenyan Madrassa Islamic school.

The bodies of the attackers were displayed before a crowd estimated at about 2,000 in a large open area, reports AP. They lay on the bed of a pickup truck that drove slowly past the crowd.

In a bit of better news, a survivor of the killings at Garissa University College was found on Saturday.

Cynthia Cheroitich, 19, told The Associated Press from her hospital gurney that she hid in a wardrobe and covered herself with clothes. Cheroitich appeared tired and thirsty, but otherwise seemed in good health. She said she drank a body lotion because she was so thirsty and hungry while in hiding, reports AP.

Kenyan authorities initially said the attackers had been strapped with explosives that went off like bombs when they were shot, but investigators later said there were no suicide vests. The four bodies of the terrorists shown Saturday had wounds but were intact.

The Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab on Saturday warned of more attacks in Kenya like the assault on Garissa, in retaliation for killings carried out by Kenyan troops fighting rebels in Somalia.

“Kenyan cities will run red with blood,” said al-Shabaab via a web site, reports The Associated Press.

CNN reports that al-Shebaab militants killed at least 147 people, including 142 students, three security officers and two university security personnel. The attack left 104 people injured, including 19 who are in critical condition, Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery said Friday.


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