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A number of Conservative websites have accused Minister Louis Farrakhan of calling for the killing of police and White Americans during an address in Miami back in August.

During Min. Farrakhan’s exclusive, live interview with NewsOne Now host Roland Martin on Thursday, the leader of the Nation of Islam addressed the accusations, saying, “White folks jumped all over that and said ‘Farrakhan is calling for 10,000 fearless Black men to go out and kill White people.’” He continued:

“I’m passionate, but I’m not stupid. To call for 10,000 Black men to go out and kill White people — what would that bring on us? Can we stand that kind of heat? Where are the weapons? Who has the weapons? This is a well-armed country; 315 million guns among the American people. How many Black people are allowed to have guns legally? And most of the guns in the inner city are illegal.

“No, I’m not calling for that,” he said. 

Min. Farrakhan accused the media of rushing to judgment, saying, “They rushed to say I’m going to kill White people.”

He then went on to explain what he meant by his remarks in Miami, excerpted in a article:

“You know and I know and Black people know that White policemen kill us.

“The prosecutors are liars, the judges are liars, the forensic specialists all are conspiratorial in getting a White person off. They have killed us, but they have never had to pay the price. The law of retaliation that’s in the Bible and in the Koran says it is a prescription…

“A prescription for us — is those who kill us and seem to get away with it, we can not allow it to continue. We must rise up and kill those who kill us outside of the law of justice and when they feel death like we feel death, when they feel pain at the burying of their dead like we feel it, then maybe we can sit down to a table and act like civilized people.”

He called the federal government a “monster” that “has never interceded to see that Black men and women tried and killed get justice.” In reference to the upcoming Justice Or Else March on October 10th in Washington, D.C., he said:

“So when we come to Washington, we’re not coming to play with the government, we’re not coming to play with the forces that take life out of us, and neither are we going to play with the life in the Black community that’s killing us.”

Min. Farrakhan then said the 10,000 fearless Black men that he was referring to will be inside of the African-American community, trained by the Nation of Islam (whose members don’t carry weapons, he added). The 10,000 men are meant “to stand in the gap,” protecting our communities and “standing between the guns of the gangs.”

Watch Min. Louis Farrakhan and Roland Martin’s discussion in the video clip above.

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