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More revelations in the Laquan McDonald police shooting case continue to come to light, alluding to a cover-up orchestrated by city officials in Chicago.

Attorneys for the McDonald family claim Chicago police pressured eyewitnesses to alter their statements about what they saw the night officer Jason Van Dyke brutally gunned down the 17-year-old Chicago native.

Justin Glawe of The Daily Beast reported:

McDonald’s attorneys said when eyewitness stories didn’t jibe with the police version of events, cops pressured the bystanders to change their stories.

“One witness whom the police reports alleged did not see the shooting, in fact told multiple police officers that he saw the shooting, and it was ‘like an execution,’” Michael Robbins wrote Thomas Platt, deputy corporation counsel of Chicago, on March 23. “Civilian witnesses have told us that they were held against their will for hours, intensively questioned by detectives, during which they were repeatedly pressured by police to change their statements. When the witnesses refused to do so, the investigating officers simply fabricated civilian accounts in the reports.”

Glawe continued:

No dissenting witness statements made it into the full police report on the McDonald shooting, as DNA Info noted. Most importantly, none of the witnesses police quoted in that report describe anything close to what the dashcam video proves really happened. The police department said it could not comment about specific allegations due to ongoing investigations into the shooting by Cook County’s prosecutor and the Justice Department.

When asked about the officers’ actions to quiet witnesses the night of the McDonald shooting, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement: “The police actions surrounding this shooting are under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for possible criminal charges, and by the city’s Inspector General for possible disciplinary action. The public deserves answers to a number of important questions in this case, and we eagerly await the findings of those investigations.”

Glawe, a Chicago-based reporter for The Daily Beast, joined Roland Martin on Monday’s edition of TV One’s NewsOne Now to discuss his report detailing Chicago police officers’ attempts to silence witnesses of the horrific killing of McDonald, as well as the massive email dump conducted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office on New Year’s Eve.

When asked about the email dump, Glawe said, “The Emanuel administration did what a lot of places do” when they release documents to the public that may allude to nefarious activity on the part of municipalities.

Glawe told Martin, “They drop it on a not very newsy night when people aren’t expecting it and by the time media outlets catch up — it’s kind of old news.” He added, “It was a very purposeful act on their part.”

NewsOne Now panelist, Ralph Chittams, Sr., Vice Chairman, DC Republican Party said, “The conspiracy” to cover up the McDonald police shooting “clearly goes all the way up into the Mayor’s office.”

“He (Mayor Emanuel) has been involved in suppressing the tape, suppressing the evidence, empowering the police to what they have done in this case,” Chittams said.

Chittams added that Emanuel’s “political career should be over as a result of this alone.”

Watch Martin, Glawe, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the latest revelations in the Laquan McDonald case in the video clip above.

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Emails Show That City Hall, Chicago Police Coordinated Response To Laquan McDonald Shooting

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