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Pastors from across the country gathered in Flint, Michigan yesterday for what has been dubbed the Environmental Justice Rally for Flint.

NewsOne Now guest host Jeff Johnson was there along with several other concerned members of the African-American community, including Attorney Ben Crump and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

The rally was held at the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, where Rev. Ezra Tillman, Jr. joined Johnson on NewsOne Now to deliver an update from Monday’s event aimed at helping the residents of Flint who are being poisoned by the city’s water supply. 

Rev. Tillman, Jr. is interested in hearing a plan of action on how the city of Flint can recover from the manmade disaster. He told Johnson, Gov. Snyder needs to “show some action concerning his statement of saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m going to show you I’m going to do something about it.’”

“I believe many fear — those who are watching or are being affected by this — that it’s going to be the way it’s always been,” said Rev. Tillman.

Tillman quested if the people of Flint will “truly get some type of support, some type of federal investigation — something that’s going to be pressing” to force the Snyder administration to do something substantive to rectify this devastating, debilitating, and potentially deadly Flint water crisis.

Rev. Tillman later expressed the long-term frustration that he and others in the community have experienced, saying the “tragedy” of living in Flint is that “you get used to being oppressed and you just live with it.”

Watch guest host Jeff Johnson, Rev. Ezra Tillman, Jr., and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the ongoing Flint water crisis in the video clip above.

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