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Beyonce’s Super Bowl Sunday performance of “Formation” left the world in either shock or awe, depending who you are. But many White feminists seemed to feel merely left out.

R&B singer Arika Kane took to social media to voice her displeasure:

Kane and many others in the White feminist movement feel as though they should have been included in Beyonce’s tribute to the women of the Black Panther Party, and that the artist’s performance created a dividing line in their movement.

As a result of Kane and others’ critique of Beyonce, Black Twitter clapped back:

NewsOne Now panelist Michelle Bernard said, “This argument has been going on forever.”

“Since the days of Betty Friedan, many Black women would say to you (feminists), ‘your feminist movement does not include us.’ We’ve always had to work, whether to stay home or work outside of the home after you’ve had a child. A lot of those questions that apply to White women had nothing to do with our lives,” said Bernard.

She added, “I’m not surprised by any of the complaints — it’s just sad, there should be enough room for any woman to be whatever type of feminist she wants, even if that means performing at the Super Bowl and paying tribute to the women of the Black Panthers – not all White women need to be included.”

Watch Roland Martin, Michelle Bernard, Political Analyst/President & CEO, Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy; David Swerdlick, Associate Editor for The Washington Post; and Andrew Lee, Republican Strategist; discuss the White feminist backlash against Beyonce in the video clip above.

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