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American Nazi Party Holds Rally At Valley Forge

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Hail Trump! Orlando Rally For The Frontrunner Looks A Lot Like Nazi Germany

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump stays being compared to Nazi leader Adolph Hitler given his own problematic and dangerous stances on issues such as race, gender and immigration. And yesterday, an Orlando rally for him starting to look like 1930s Nazi Germany as well, the Huffington Post noted.

Apparently Trump asked the Floridians to raise their right hands and swear they would vote him for him for President, no matter what.  “Don’t forget you all raised your hand, you swore. Bad things happen if you don’t live up to what you just did,” he said. And they that’s exactly what they did:

When have you ever actually rose your hand this far up to pinky swear something? Almost never. You tell us: Does this look like a Nazi salute? [Huffington Post]

#OscarsSoWhite: Star Wars’ JJ Abrams Creates New Diversity Hiring Practices

Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures And Lucasfilm's 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' - Red Carpet

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While many directors may just be talking about diversity, Star Wars’ director JJ Abrams may actually be doing something about it. The Lost creator recently vowed that he is changing the hiring practices at his production company so that its staff reflects the “the diverse racial makeup of the nation,” Time wrote. 

What does this mean? Anyone can apply for any job, but when they make an offer, the outcomes must be 50 percent women, 12 percent black, 18 percent Hispanic, 6 percent Asian. While Abrams decided to take this new step in lieu of the #OscarsSoWhite problem, he told The New York Times that the lack of diversity in Hollywood isn’t the Academy’s fault. “The Oscars is the last stop on the train. The first stop is what gets made,” he said. 

While this is one great step in the right direction, how will they address intersectionality?  Like you can Black and a woman, or Asian and Latina and a woman too? How will those slots balance that? How will that reflect the hiring process? Also, what about Native Americans and Americans who originate from the Middle East? [Time]

Listen To Clarence Thomas Finally Break His SCOTUS Silence


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For the past 10 years, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has sat on the bench, presiding over very important cases and has never asked a question, until now. Recently, during Voisine v. United States, a case about prohibiting certain domestic violence offenders from having guns Thomas opened up his mouth and said, “This is a misdemeanor violation. It suspends a constitutional right. Can you give me another area where a misdemeanor violation suspends a constitutional right?”

Apparently, this was just one of 10 questions he asked. But why has he been so mute for so long?

According to the Huffington Post, over the years Thomas has said that he thinks its rude to constantly interrupt lawyers with “uncessary” questions and that most lawyers do the work ahead of time before they file to make things clear.  Where we come from questions are an important step to make sure you have all the information and clarity, but OK Justice Thomas. Whatever you say.

You can listen to the audio here[CNN, The Huffington Post]

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